Reinventa tu Espacio Bioconstruction is the line of business specialized in the integral management of our services based on the principles of the biohabitabilidad and the environmental respect.
The bioconstruction give us judments and techniques whose guarantee to us a healthful house, using non-polluting and non -toxic materials, saving energy and taking advantage of the renewable energies.

The bioconstruction is initiating its way in the construction since sometimes the conventional way to build is destructive with the environment and it does not care for owner´s houses health.

Decalogue Bioconstruction "Ismael Horseman":

  1. Suitable location.
  2. Integration in its next surroundings.
  3. Customized design according the users needs.
  4. Suitable habitat distribution.
  5. Use of healthful and biocompatible materials.
  6. Optimization of natural resources.
  7. Implantation of power saving systems.
  8. Equipment of furniture of low impact.
  9. The residual elements treatment Program.
  10. Maintenance and user manual.




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